Twitter introduces new tools to facilitate its use

Twitter, the platform known for having a white bird as its logo, has decided to implement a series of functions and tools on its platform, with the aim of improving and facilitating its use by users.

Three different tools

  • Payments: Users will be able to send and receive one-time payments through third-party services, such as Venmo, Patreon and GoFundMe. It is done available globally but only on iOs, although it will not take long to include it in Android. As a result of this function, the application has developed ‘tips with crypto’, a form of payment through bitcoin.
  • Security mode: Users who offer harmful content through their accounts, which violates someone’s sensitivity, or with an insulting vocabulary, the account will be directly blocked for 7 days. In addition, if a user has repeated contact with another user, but this other user feels that they could be being harassed, they can block their account. This feature has not yet been implemented as tests are currently underway on iOs, Android and on the web.
  • “Automated accounts”: automated accounts will be created to know if a user is a ‘bot’ or is a person. Public service accounts, news distributors … etc, would be two examples of automated accounts. This feature is the first time it has been implemented on Twitter. However, there are other applications, such as Facebook or Instagram that have included it for years.

The app, with the introduction of these new tools, aims to innovate and position itself above its main competitors, such as Club House, Facebook, or even the dominant networks at the moment, TikTok and Instagram. In addition, its main objective is to attract the attention of the best known or most publicly relevant, journalists, celebrities, intellectuals … etc.

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“We have the opportunity to help these creators earn income based on their contributions to the public conversation,” it states the platform.

Why has Twitter decided to innovate?

Introducing new functions in an application is a very useful way to attract more users and to be able to position yourself above your main competitors. But, in addition, it is a good way to generate more income.

Twitter produces $ 47.37 in ad revenue per user, while Facebook gets $ 314.83, almost 565% more than Twitter. The application seeing that the majority are surpassing both in revenue and audience has not thought twice and has launched into the pool completely innovating the platform.

“Giving users the ability to personalize their experiences and share them in smaller groups can help some people feel more comfortable tweeting, which could increase engagement.” it states Jasmin Enberg, eMarketer Senior Analyst at Insider Intelligence.

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