Turkey Earthquake 3 The area of ​​the Netherlands, 26,000 houses collapsed in the first hour

Ankara: The Turkish Interior Minister has said that the Turkey earthquake is equal to the area of ​​3 Netherlands, and 26,000 houses collapsed in the first hour.

According to the Turkish media, Interior Minister Suleiman Soylu, explaining the details of the earthquake, said that the earthquake has destroyed 100,000 square kilometers, which is equal to the area of ​​3 Netherlands.

He said that the earthquake in Turkey was one of the biggest earthquakes in the world so far, which brought down 26,000 houses in the first hour, and the devastation that followed cannot be described in words.

He said that after the earthquake, the number of deaths in Turkey has exceeded 43 thousand, while rehabilitation work has been started in the affected areas.

The interior minister said that the state had started working with all its capabilities from the first minute of the earthquake, calling it an earthquake cannot fully explain the problem, because the people who came to the earthquake area were When we see the disaster, it is very clear that it is a huge disaster, which cannot be explained even by the word earthquake.

The Turkish interior minister said 40 percent of buildings were damaged in the earthquake in Antakya, destroying one out of every two residential buildings in the city.

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