Trump refused to answer 440 times during his fraud hearing

The former president of the United States will not give up. While being questioned on Wednesday in the offices of Letitia James, New York prosecutor Donald Trump remained silent. More specifically, the latter invoked more than 440 times his right not to answer questions about his businesses, the valuation of his assets and his debt.

“Same answer”, that is to say the constitutional right not to answer, thus systematically declared Donald Trump according to the Washington Post, to the New York magistrates and investigators who have been working since 2019 on suspicions of financial and tax fraud. within the Trump Organization family group. According to one of his lawyers quoted by NBC television, the only response his client made was to give his name.

A right guaranteed by the 5th Amendment of the American Constitution and which Donald Trump had assured in a press release that he would invoke. Letitia James, an elected prosecutor from the Democratic Partyhad confirmed it in a very brief press release after his face-to-face with the businessman, assuring that she “would continue (his) investigation” because “no one is above the law” in the States -United.

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