Trump asks to pray for the success of the Joe Biden administration

A final speech before leaving the White House. In his end-of-term address, the President Donald Trump on Tuesday he invited Americans to “pray” for the success of the future Biden administration.

“This week, a new government will be invested and we pray that it will succeed in keeping America safe and prosperous”, said the outgoing president, according to excerpts from this speech that will soon be broadcast under the White House.And to continue: “The Americans were horrified by the attack on our Capitol. Political violence is an attack on everything we consider expensive and will never be tolerated. Trump calls for unity and “to overcome partisan grudge”, an appeal to the senators who will be charged with prosecuting him, with the risk of symbolic impeachment and possible future ineligibility.

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, also boasted on Tuesday that he “united” the world in the face of China and not having launched a new war during his term, during his farewell speech. “We have re-energized our alliances and united the nations of the world to face China like never before”, he said, according to excerpts from the speech.

“I am particularly proud to be the first president in decades not to have started a new war”, the Republican billionaire also boasted.

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