Tour Down Under 2023: dates, times, TV and where to watch live online

Tour Down Under 2023: dates, times, TV and where to watch live online

The cycling season gets underway. With the arrival of the new year, the competitions of this discipline, one of the most relevant in the world of sport, are thawed. In the first days of January, a test will be held that, due to the pandemic, has not been possible for several years. This is the case of the Tour Down Underwhich takes place in the country of Australia.

Some of the best riders of the moment will seek to win the competition, and incidentally, get good feelings for the demanding season that awaits them. For six days, the most powerful squads in the world will be put to the test to demonstrate their level in one of the most demanding events.

The Tour Down Under, from January 17 to 22

This is one of the most formulated questions about the evidence that is disputed in Australia, and one of the openings of the cycling season. There are five days of competition. This Tuesday, January 17, the test will officially start. The prologue in adelaide will be the one that gives the starting gun to the Tour Down Underin which the team will be present Movistar.

The 22 of the first month of the year, with the fifth and definitive stage, which concludes in mount luffyis the scheduled date for the closing of a new edition of the Tour Down Under. On this occasion, there will be six tests. In addition to the usual five, the one that kicks off this competition will be a prologue, which will be held in the town of adelaideone of the most important in the country of Antipodes.

The schedules of the Tour Down Under 2023

This is one of the most important points on which the competition is based, one of the most relevant in the world of cycling. In Spainit must be taken into account that you have to get up early, since the periods scheduled to observe the race go deep into the early hours of the day.

These are the hours that the Tour Down Under 2023according to the television that will broadcast it, Eurosport:

  • Prologue: 08:25 to 11:25
  • First stage: 03:45 to 06:15
  • Second stage: 03:30 to 06:35
  • Third stage: 03:05 to 05:35
  • Fourth stage: 01:55 to 06:00
  • Fifth stage: 02:30 to 06:30

The end times of the stages

It is one of the most relevant issues that must be taken into account about this competition. Know the time at which the different stages of which the project is made up end. Tour Down Under 2023. In this way, these are the periods of time in which the tests that are part of the championship that is held in the Antipodes:

  • Prologue: 11:00 am (CET)
  • First stage: 05:50 (CET)
  • Second stage: 06:05 (CET)
  • Third stage: 05:05 (CET)
  • Fourth stage: 05:20 (CET)
  • Fifth stage: 05:05 (CET)

Eurosport, the television from which to watch the event

In order to see the Tour Down Under this year, there are several options to do so. First of all, it should be mentioned that Eurosporttelevision that broadcasts cycling among other sports, will be in charge of broadcasting the best images of this competition, one of the most important in this discipline.

Likewise, the company’s streaming platform, Eurosport Playerwill also be in charge of transmitting the highlights that happen in the test that is carried out in Australia. The medium has made several options available to its users so that they can enjoy the Tour Down Under 2023. Also, it should be mentioned that RTVE will broadcast this competition.


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