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Toto Wolff starts the Mercedes F1 revolution: Hamilton or Russell can only stay one

From Formula 1 a very surprising possibility is invoked for the next course

The teams are already designing the different strategies that they could follow in the Emilia-Romagna Grand Prix which will be marked, except for surprise, by rain, and mercedes with Toto Wolff is one of the teams that will try to leave behind the bad feelings shown to date to strengthen his candidacy.

With Red Bull having proved unstoppable in the first matches held, Lewis Hamilton and George Russell will have enough trouble to get any championship win current. Toto Wolff wants Mick Schumacher to take a leading seat in 2024, but not at Mercedes. A very important piece of news that has caused his total bewilderment.

Toto Wolff Mercedes
The director of the team of the silver arrows prepares big changes

Toto Wolff wants Schumacher to take a leading seat in 2024, but not at Mercedes

Apparently, the Austrian president has asked Williams, a Mercedes affiliate team, to relegate Logan Sargeant from his seat to allow the son of the illustrious seven-time world champion to enjoy a new opportunity in the top flight. It is necessary to clarify that Mick Schumacher is still linked to F1 in 2023.

However, the Swiss-born youngster is currently Mercedes’ reserve driver, something that, barring the indisposition of Hamilton or Russell, will not give him the chance to contest a single race this season at the hands of the W14. But like this, this request from Toto Wolff is still surprising.

Fans are now wondering who will take the Briton’s place in the team

And it is that with Hamilton ending his contract this season and without having strengthened ties with the Englishman to extend it, the possibilities of having Schumacher as Russell’s partner had been accumulating ballots. But after Sargeant’s disappointing performances in his first five rounds, Wolff has one thing in mind.

Wolff is clear that Schumacher would have improved the American’s performance, a very negative dynamic that, if it persists, will increase the chances of Mick being the Williams driver in 2024. If Hamilton decides to end his commitment to Mercedes and Schumacher joins Williams, many doubts would remain in the air.

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