Toto Wolff has Carlos Sainz in his sights for Mercedes

The team leader admits that there are both young and experienced drivers who have many arguments in favor of it

This became known in the last few hours Toto Wolff pointed this out directly Carlos Sainz as one of the candidates Mercedes for 2025. The team leader recognized that there are young drivers in his portfolio, but also other more mature ones. And the Spanish profile fits there. However, the Austrian admitted that it was a complicated decision.

This makes the Madrid native one of the drivers who does not have a contract for next year, which is why he is the focus of many top teams. not just from Red Bull or for Audi from 2025 it is now Toto Wolff the one who directly named him as one of the candidates for his successor Hamilton.

Alonso Toto Wolff
The Mercedes boss decides to sign Carlos Sainz

Toto Wolff assures that there is no clear criterion and that he wants to monitor the movements carried out

“Those who are available or may be of interest to us have all the arguments in their favor,” he explained, and this has been documented by various media. “Whether they are still very young, whether they are the greats in their prime. Or Carlos“He confirmed it straight away.

Despite it, Wolff prefers to stay calm and see how events unfold this season. The team leader is aware that there are many names on the table, such as Andrea Kimi Antonelli. Despite his youth, he is one of Mercedes’ protected drivers and everything indicates that he will end up with the Silver Arrows.

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Fernando Alonso is also one of the candidates for the position of Austrian boss

Also on the table is Fernando Alonso, who has to decide whether he wants to continue in the competition and who seems to have woken up also the interest of Christian Horner. The team leader is aware that it will not be an easy decision. There are many pilots who will end their contract in 2024 and that makes the market much more extensive.

“It’s a difficult choice because there is no clear criterion for one and everything points to the other,” admitted Wolff. “I just want to take a step back and observe the situation. “Some of the guys mentioned can sign for other teams and that’s why I’m just watching it,” he added, concluding the topic.

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