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Toto Wolff attacks Alonso while they wait for Antonelli

The Mercedes leaders have shown their intentions by signing the two-time world champion

Toto Wolff continues to visualize the changes Mercedes could have in 2025 and whose real name is Fernando Alonso. And the boss of the “Silver Arrows” team had in his plans the arrival of a pilot with experience and guarantees like the man from Oviedo. This wish is becoming more and more relevant as the Spaniard’s future at Aston Martin is not entirely clear.

Let’s remember this Despite the poor relationship Alonso and Toto Wolff have had over the seasons, there could be an unexpected connection. In the past they didn’t get along at all due to the events at McLaren in 2007. All of this seems to be easily overcome as a kind of “clean slate”. This, in turn, has another compelling reason.

Toto Wolff Fernando Alonso
The Mercedes boss wants the man from Oviedo for 2025

Toto Wolff has one compelling reason to sign Alonso in 2025: Andrea Antonelli

In this way, it was established that Mercedes’ interest in the driver, who was a two-time F1 champion, also corresponds to the team’s future plans. They are thinking about the arrival of another young talent from the “big circus” and have decided on the departure of Lewis Hamilton. We are talking about the Italian promise Andrea Kimi Antonelli.

In this order of ideas, Toto Wolff has considered signing Fernando Alonso as a key driver as they wait for the Italian gem. They had no option for short-term contracts with the Brit and therefore decided on his immediate departure. This non-renewal brought up a number of names and Oviedo could be an immediate solution.

The Mercedes boss is already thinking about the future and wants to have the Italian pearl and see the man from Oviedo as his mentor

In this condition he is already 17 years old, Antonelli is on the verge of making the big leap to the top of the competition of motorsport in the world. The people around the British team know their quality and the projection they have. Nor do they expect to lose a jewel, as happened one day with Max Verstappen, to whom they could no longer offer a seat in 2014. All this due to the long-term contracts of Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

What awaits us now? Toto Wolff makes Fernando Alonso an offer to become one of his drivers in 2025. He will play a key role as a great reference for the team and with the arrival of Antonelli, the two-time champion will in turn be the tutor of the young talent who can further hone his skills alongside a living legend of Formula 1.

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