It is a flight that could reassure all those who are afraid of flying. The reason ? It only lasts … two minutes. Loganair flight LM711 is listed in Guinness World Records as the world’s shortest air service. It connects two islands of the Orkney archipelago located in the north of Scotland: that of Westray and that of Papa Westray, reports Slate according to information from CNN.

A 17 euro ticket in high season

The two territories are separated by 2.7 kilometers. The flight lasts between one to two minutes depending on weather conditions. On a good day, it can even drop to fifty-three seconds. The propeller plane can accommodate eight passengers per link. On board, there is no toilet or screen. Before taking off, the pilot turns his head directly towards the passengers to give them safety instructions.

Surprisingly, both airports are visible to passengers from one establishment to another, without them needing to be in the air. Carried out two to three times a day, this flight allows the 80 inhabitants of the island of Papa Westray to break their isolation. The connection is thus important, even if they also benefit from a boat service, but much slower. The ticket price for the Loganair LM711 flight is 17 euros in high season.


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