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Tireless Van der Poel

That Mathieu van der Poel is a physical marvel is something that everyone knows. The Dutchman again demonstrated his enormous talent riding a bicycle by winning the Hulst World Cup. Van der Poel, however, was not entirely happy with his physical form and declared that “I needed to train more”. Something that she did not take long to accomplish and that as soon as he finished his career, she began to do.

The Dutch cyclist did not wait a day. In fact, Van der Poel only waited an hour to do a running training. The one from Alpecin, made a tour of 7 km of continuous running at a speed of nothing more and nothing less than 3:50 minutes per kilometer. Van der Poel decided to get off the bike and make a record, not a bad thing if one takes into account the beating that the Dutchman received earlier in the Hulst World Cup.

As you can appreciate, Mathieu Van der Poel is already preparing for the next cycling season. He himself knows that he must improve his training and that You need to give one more point to achieve the objectives set for next year. Although he still has races to play before the end of the year in which he will surely compete in a great way as he has been doing up to now.

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