Home Entertainment Three documentaries on the life and music of Taylor Swift available at

Three documentaries on the life and music of Taylor Swift available at

Three documentaries on the life and music of Taylor Swift available at

Pop singer Taylor Swift announced three dates in August in Mexico City, and her fans are intrigued with what to expect from her first performance in the country.

Both for the followers of the American and for those who have just discovered her, there are documentary options that will allow them to better understand the history of the interpreter of “You belong with me” and soak up before her arrival in the capital.

Taylor is a woman who has stood out for empowering herself in the face of adversity and dedicating many of her productions to her ex-partners. However, beyond her controversies, she is a multifaceted artist in her musical projects.

Said “profiles” of the famous can be known through the material available on streaming platforms.

Next, we tell you about some of the titles that you can enjoy.


For the first time in over a decade of her career, Taylor Swift reveals details of her personal life in this one-hour, 25-minute documentary available on Netflix.

Directed by Lana Wilson, it shows scenes from various concerts that have marked the artist’s career.

It also has the participation of artists such as Harry Styles and Taylor Lautner.

The project has a rating of 7.4/10 on IMDb.


In this documentary, Taylor not only stars, but also demonstrates her ability as a director and producer. During the film, acoustic themes released in a live edition that served as a soundtrack are heard.

The sessions shown over an hour and 46 minutes were released as a previously unpublished production by the artist.

This documentary is available on the Disney+ platform and has a rating of 8.4/10 on IMDb.

“Taylor Swift’s Reputation Stadium Tour”

Framing the return of Taylor in 2017 after a controversy promoted by Kanye West and Kim Kardashian, this documentary shows his return to the stage and productions with the album “Reputation”.

The album addresses the controversy, as does the documentary. This production is also on Netflix and lasts 2 hours and 5 minutes.

It has a similar rating to the Disney+ production, with 8.3/10 on IMDb.

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