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The church that holds masses with its music to attract young people

What you need to know:

Taylor Swift joins Queen, Beatles, Madonna and Michael Jackson on the list of artists who have filled the crowds of this temple with music

Is it becoming increasingly difficult to attract young people to the masses? Not if you use Taylor Swift To this end. A church in Germany will use Tay Tay’s music to encourage young people to worship and the measure seems to be working quite well.

Taylor Swift: The church that uses her music to hold masses to attract young people
Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce / Photo: Getty

The church in Germany will use Taylor Swift’s music in its masses

It is about one Temple of the Protestant Taste Church, known as the Church of the Holy Spirit (don’t worry, we couldn’t pronounce it here either) that you can find when you visit the city Heidelberg. The idea is to attract young people to the services offered, and as I said, it should be a complete success.

The date for attending the masses at which Tay Tay’s songs will be played is next Sunday, May 12thalthough given the success of the call it is very likely that it will not be the only day.

And it’s only Czech, The 423 available seats for the first service of the day quickly sold out. Entry to the temple is of course free, but you must reserve your spot if you want to enter.

You can reserve your place at the Mass with music by Taylor Swift

Given the success of attracting people to this mass with “help”. Taylor Swiftthe church opened another one, like when artists open a new date for another concert because of a resounding success, right?

Taylor Swift’s music will be live… with the help of a German singer

However, it is important to make this clear That doesn’t mean Taylor Swift will go to church to perform a mini concert. Tay Tay’s music is sung by the German singer Tine Wiechmann.

She will be in charge of raffling off Taylor’s best songs because she has no shortage of talent; She is a lecturer in pop music at the Heidelberg University of Church Music. Who knows, maybe he’ll even release songs from his new album TThe Tortured Poets Departmentdo not you think?

Taylor Swift / Photo: Getty

Taylor Swift He is currently the most influential pop star in the world.. It is expected to have a major impact on the US elections in the fall.”explained Vincenzo Petracca, priest of the Heidelberg Church.

Taylor Swift is not the first to set a mass to music

Finally, using music from big stars in the industry is nothing new for this church. Since 2015 they have been offering services with songs by Queen, The Beatles, Madonna and Michael Jackson.

By the way, in the masses where they used the King of Pop’s music, they used the allegations against him to talk to young people about child sexual abuse, both in entertainment and in church.

Illustrative photo: Getty

Anyway, we know we’re a bit far away, but if you are interested in attending Mass while singing and dancing to Taylor Swift songs, You can reserve your place using this link with numbered seats and everything, as if it were a real concert… “We want to reach other target groups, especially the youngest” The temple pastor also commented.

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