Abu Dhabi: A special app has been launched for the visitors coming to Dubai Expo 2012.

According to media reports, the purpose of introducing the app is that tourists and people attending the expo can plan their visit according to their interests.

Officials said that the main feature of the app is that with the help of the modern app, tourists and others can easily buy tickets for the expo, in addition to more than two hundred dining operations and other events, not to mention the ‘visitor app’. It will also provide easy time slots for guests to visit their exciting pavilion.

Additionally, using this app, visitors can view a map of the pavilion of their choice using GPS.

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This app can be downloaded from Google Play or App Store, after downloading the app you have to create your account or login through your social media account.

According to media reports, the chat box in this app will also provide information to make the visit of Expo 2000 interesting and safe, including opening time, parking option and Expo 2000 using Dubai’s public transport. Includes information such as how to reach the base site.



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