This year’s compulsory military service begins today in Morocco

The registration period for the selected young people begins today in Morocco and ends on April 29th to perform compulsory military service. Last year the number of recruits, both men and women, was 149,595.

It was suspended for two years due to the Covid pandemic. There were 178,000 people registered in 2021, compared to 133,000 in 2019. Unlike Spain, its southern neighbor decided to reintroduce compulsory military service so that young people can do their part “in large projects and enable young people to integrate into social and professional life“, according to Moroccan media.

A video was broadcast on social networks calling on young people to actively participate in the Bundeswehr. Pictures of various specialties are shown while patriotism is praised. The duration of military service is 12 months, during which recruits receive theoretical and practical training, which includes basic knowledge related to general military instructions.

The objectives of this training are to develop the physical abilities of recruits, strengthen their civic, spiritual and religious education and provide them with technical and vocational training in various specialist areas. The military service course begins with four months of general military training and ends with eight months of “specialization” vocational training.

At the end of military service, recruits receive diplomas that allow them easy access to the labor market thanks to the knowledge acquired as well as theoretical and practical lessons, the same media say. The brightest recruits can join the various corps of the Royal Armed Forces.

“As part of the military service census for the year 2024, which begins on March 1, 2024 and ends on April 29, 2024, the Minister of the Interior informs the public that, in accordance with the legal provisions on military service, the Central Census Commission has… In connection with military service, a meeting was held under the chairmanship of the President of the Chamber of the Court of Cassation, at which the criteria to be used for drawing up the lists of persons to be filled were determined “We must complete the census form to request military service for the year 2024 to serve,” said a statement from the Interior Ministry. The Central Commission, based on the census database created by the Ministry, has established the necessary criteria to determine the number of persons who can be required to complete the census form for military service. The prefectural, provincial and district prefectural departments throughout the country print out the census notices and their notification to interested parties so that they can fill out the census form through the electronic website ( from the scheduled date for the start of the census, which from today until April 29, 2024.

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