Home Entertainment This time Nobel’s ex-wife complained to the DB office

This time Nobel’s ex-wife complained to the DB office

This time Nobel's ex-wife complained to the DB office

After the arrest of singer Mainul Islam Noble, his ex-wife Salsabil Mahmood has come to the DB office. He made a verbal complaint against Nobel there.

On Saturday (May 20) at noon at the DB office on Minto Road, Salsabil said, ‘Today I have been called by the DB police. I gave verbal complaint to them.

They are looking at the whole matter seriously.’

Claiming that a female air hostess had supplied drugs to Noble, Salsabil said, ‘One of this gang is in contact with Noble. He supplies her with drugs. I even got threats from different numbers because I spoke to them about all these issues, but I don’t want to disclose the name.

Salsabil claimed that Noble would come home after consuming drugs and torture her. He said, ‘Nobel used to use drugs and used to torture me at home. One day I called the police by calling 999. They rescued me and admitted me to the hospital.

Noble confessed in front of the policemen that he beat me because of drug use. After that I made a general diary at Gulshan police station.’

DB arrested him in Motijheel police station of the capital against Nobel on the allegation of grabbing 1 lakh 72 thousand rupees without going to the event. Singer Mainul Ahsan Noble has been arrested on charges of cheating, said DMP Commissioner Khandaker Ghulam Farooq.

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