This missing bill became a national problem of which country and why?

This missing bill became a national problem of which country and why?

Pet Billa went missing during a private flight in a South American country, prompting an uproar and a government search.

This is happening in the South American country of Bolivia, where a boy named Tito went missing during a domestic private flight, after which not only his mistress was worried, but he was also found and the government there also started looking for him. So it seemed as if the billa had become a national problem there.

A young man named Tito, gray and white, is the pet of a woman named Andrea Itor and is also very cuddly. Last month of December, she was traveling by domestic private flight when her doll disappeared somewhere.

His owner was deeply saddened by the disappearance of Tito and she posted the picture and details of her animal on social media to help the public in the search for him and also wrote that she is not giving up on the search for him in any case. Will be.

Now the situation has become that the police, fire fighters along with common people have also started searching for him while other organizations including detective agencies have also started trying to find him.

According to local media in Bolivia, after a month of the disappearance of the bat, there is still no trace of it, and now the government has joined the search for it, and a minister has called on animal psychics to search for tattoos. What about the expert?

Tito’s owner, Andrea Itor, told local media that she was traveling with her dog from Tarija to Santa Cruz on a private airline flight on December 8 when Tito suddenly disappeared after landing.