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This is the powerful “Terminator” with which Ukraine wants to turn the tide of war

This is the powerful “Terminator” with which Ukraine wants to turn the tide of war

After the two-year war in Ukraine following the Russian invasion, Ukrainian armed forces continue to use the maximum available technology to counter Russia. Drones, tanks and missiles are among the most frequently used weapons in counteroffensives. And also new weapons, such as the Ukrainian “Terminator,” a long-range machine gun that the Ukrainians used on the war front.

In recent months, several CUGVs (or unmanned combat vehicles) have been deployed on Ukrainian soil and gained widespread attention. For example, the Russian marker, which selects and fires on targets at a distance of up to fifteen kilometers, as well as the NATO Themis.

In this way, the Ukrainian army presented Lyut, which means “rage” in Spanish, a state-of-the-art robotic platform equipped with a machine gun. According to Ukrainian media, the armament of this mobile turret is a 7.62 mm PKT machine gun with a capacity of 550 rounds. It has light armor designed to withstand standard fire, but cannot currently handle armor-piercing ammunition. Likewise, its center of gravity is very low and the weapon systems are integrated to minimize its profile while maximizing its durability.

In terms of precision firepower, it reaches a distance of 800 meters. It also stands out for the autonomy of its battery and its ability to navigate on different terrains.

As part of the war, at least two people were killed in new bombing raids by Russian forces on the city of Kupiansk, one of the main war fronts in Ukraine’s Kharkiv province. Kharkiv Governor Oleg Sinegubov detailed in his Telegram account that Russian missiles struck in the central area of ​​the city, affecting residential buildings and civilian infrastructure. It was reported that another five people were injured, although further fatalities were not ruled out.

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