This is the First Division classification and this is how it would be without the VAR: matchday 17

This is the First Division classification and this is how it would be without the VAR: matchday 17

The 17th day of LaLiga Santander ends, in the absence of the postponed Betis-Barcelona (February 1 at 9:00 p.m.) and Real Madrid-Valencia (February 2 at 9:00 p.m.), with Cádiz, Sevilla and Elche in decline . From Elche and Cádiz they tied at one and shared the points when both needed victory to try to escape from the bottom of the table. Real Sociedad took the Basque derby against Athletic and established itself in Champions League positions. The people from San Sebastian are ahead of Atlético, who stumbled again (against Almería) and is left with 28 points in fourth place, tied with Villarreal (5th). Betis, who has a game pending, occupies the Conference position.


The VAR was the protagonist in three games, but only acted in one. In Zorrilla he entered a hand from Monchu. He warned of the infraction and the referee awarded a penalty that Masip would save Isi. In the other game that this tool was also discussed was in the Basque derby, but rather because of its non-intervention. Athletic claimed that they had rectified the decision to award Yeray’s penalty on Kubo. The braid signaled the maximum and red penalty for the rojiblanco footballer. The contact was light and insufficient. A ‘penalty’ That they could have corrected from the VAR but that did not happen. By last, In Cádiz-Elche, a clear offside was claimed in the play in which Ponce achieved the tie, but the VAR did not appear… As Sergio González acknowledged after the game, Del Cerro Grande would have apologized for the mistake .

VAR interventions that changed the sign

Celta 2 – Espanyol 2 (No VAR, 2-1)

Joselu tries to control a ball in the box and Mingueza steps on his other foot from behind and prevents him from controlling it. He whistles a penalty after reviewing it in VAR. Joselu transforms it.

Majorca 1 – Betis 2 (1-1)

Battaglia’s hand inside the area. The VAR warns and a penalty is awarded. Borja Iglesias transforms it.

Valencia 0 – Athletic 1 (1-1)

Musah’s goal is annulled, at the request of the VAR, due to a previous foul by Diakhaby on João Félix.

Real Sociedad 1 – Athletic 1 (1-2)

Goal by Morata that is annulled after the VAR notice that there is a previous hand by João Félix.

Athletic 3 – Lightning 2 (3-3)

A goal against Camel was annulled for offside.

Girona 1 – Cádiz 1 (2-1)

Cala’s own goal annulled, after warning from the VAR, due to a previous grab by Taty Castellano.

Atlético 1- Rayo 1 (1-0)

Nteka’s shot hits Giménez’s arm. The VAR warns of the action and the referee decides to point it out. Falcao transforms it.

Real Sociedad 1- Mallorca 0 (1-1)

Goal by Amath that is annulled, at the request of the VAR, due to a previous foul on Elustondo.

Valladolid 1 – Real Sociedad 0 (2-2)

At minute 11, a Monchu goal was annulled due to a foul by Plano on Brais Méndez to start the play for the goal. At minute 45, Kubo’s goal was also canceled due to a previous foul by Zubimendi on Óscar Plano. Then, at minute 83, Zubimendi’s goal was annulled by VAR due to Karrikaburu’s previous offside.

Betis 1- Athletic 2 (2-2)

Goal disallowed by Luiz Henrique due to a previous offside by Borja Iglesias.

Valencia 0- Barcelona 1 (1-1)

Samu Lino’s goal annulled, after going through the VAR, by a previous hand from Marcos André voluntarily.

Real Madrid 1- Girona 1 (1-0)

The VAR warns of a hand from Asensio inside the area. The referee whistles it and Stuani transforms it.

Mallorca 1 – Athletic 0 (1-1)

Goal annulled at the request of the VAR for offside by Morata.

Girona 2 – Lightning 2 (1-2)

The VAR warns of a stomp from Fran García inside the area and the referee signals a penalty. Taty Castellano transforms it.

Cádiz 1 – Almería 1 (2-1)

Ocampo’s goal annulled due to a previous foul by Fali on Robertone.

Lightning 1 – Betis 2 (2-2)

Isi’s goal disallowed due to offside interference.


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