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This is the classification of First and this is how it would be without the VAR

Así está la clasificación de Primera y así estaría sin el VAR

Real Madrid is reunited with victory and defeats Valencia 4-1. The Whites maintain their five-point lead over Sevilla, who remain in second place and did their part by beating Getafe. Atlético stumbled again when they drew at two against Villarreal and the same happened to Barcelona, ​​which drew against Granada.

The VAR has entered three times in the 20th day of Primera, in the absence of Espanyol-Elche. All of them to annul goals. The first irruption was in Levante-Mallorca, from the VOR the monitor was called to review Fer Niño’s goal, since there was a previous hand from Salva Sevilla that they considered voluntary. The second intervention was carried out in Anoeta, when Elustondo was annulled somewhat. And the third was at Villarreal-Atlético and decisive for the result of the match. Parejo managed to score in the rejection of a penalty, but from the VAR they warned of a hand of the yellow player and it was annulled.

VAR interventions that conditioned the sign

Betis 1 – Cádiz 1 (Without VAR, 1-0)

Rui Silva penalty on Lozano. Negredo threw it and it stopped Rui SIlva, who had both feet in front of the line. The VAR sees it and repeats. Negredo brand.

Granada 1 – Valencia 1 (2-1)

Montoro’s goal annulled by the VAR for offside.

Levante 1 – Ray 1 (0-1)

The VAR warns of a hand within the Ciss area, although the Ray claimed a previous foul. Alberola Rojas sees her and points out a penalty. Roger transforms it.

Elche 1 – Celta 0 (1-1)

The referee goes to the monitor and cancels Aspas’s goal for helping his arm to score.

Athletic 2 – Villarreal 1 (1-1)

The VAR warns of a penalty from Alberto Moreno on Vencedor for stepping on his foot. He points it out and Muniain transforms it.

Atlético 2 – Real Sociedad 2 (1-2)

Entry from behind Merino to Luis Suárez that prevents him from finishing. Munuera indicates the maximum penalty. Luis Suárez transforms it.

Alavés 1 – Elche 0 (1-1)

A goal from Carrillo, who was ahead, but the ball bounced off Lejeune. The VAR recommends reviewing the review considering that this offside should be penalized, since it understands that the Alavés player does not try to play the ball. Gil Manzano, after seeing the repetition on the scoreboard, decides to cancel it.

Mallorca 1 – Seville 1 (1-2)

Ocampos goal annulled by the VAR for a previous hand of Fernando.

Levante 2 – Athletic 2 (1-2)

Lateral center in the Atlético area that hits Lodi’s hand. The VAR warns and González Fuertes signals a penalty. Bardhi transforms it.

Real Madrid 2 – Ray 1 (1-1)

Kroos goal disallowed for offside by Asensio or Vinicius, but VAR says they were in legal position and it is conceded.

Valencia 3 – Athletic 3 (3-2)

The linesman annulled Vrslajko’s goal as he considered it to be offside, but the VAR conceded the goal.

Sevilla 2 – Alavés 2 (2-1)

The VAR warns of a hand from Ocampos when he was on the barrier during the launch of a free kick. The referee signals a penalty after passing through the monitor and Joselu scores.

Valencia 1 – Ray 1 (0-1)

The referee signals a penalty from Saveljich on Hugo Duro, but the linesman signals offside. The VAR says he was in legal position and the penalty is awarded. Soler transforms it.

Athletic 3 – Betis 2 (2-2)

Goal by Iñaki Williams annulled for offside that ended up granting the VAR.

Granada 2- Athletic 1 (1-1)

The linesman cancels Jorge Molina’s goal, but the VAR concedes it.

Elche 0- Granada 0 (1-0)

A goal by Guido Carrillo that is annulled at the request of the VAR for committing a foul on Maximiano when he snatches the ball from his hands.

Villarreal 2 – Atlético 2 (3-2)

The VAR warns of a Parejo hand with which it helps to score a goal. Alberola cancels the goal.

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