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This is how Nikola Jokic sees the NBA Finals: panic over the Miami Heat

Despite the fact that they have not won the highest title in American basketball, the Serbian center’s team is the favorite in the grand final where the three-time champions are.

At last the day has come nba Finals where the Denver Nuggets receive the already renowned Miami Heats, in a heart-stopping first game. Both quintets have proven to be up to the task throughout the season, and for this reason the match becomes quite even. However, the experts and the fans in general see the team of Nikola Jokic as favourite.

Although the media is giving the Colorado team as the favorite, the Serbian center has stated that this is not the case. Both teams are in the NBA Finals on their own merit, and both teams have a 50/50 chance to win. This was expressed in the press conference prior to the first game to be played at the Ball Arena (Denver).

nba finals
For Nikola Jokic, the NBA Finals does not have favorites and it will be the talent on the court who speaks for them.

Nikola Jokic’s statements prior to the NBA Finals

The Serbian of two meters and 12 centimeters assured that it will be a fairly even clash, and denied anyone who considers them as favourites. “Who said that we are favourites? The media? Las Vegas? We are not favourites. We have to be prepared for this. There are no favorites in the Finals, that’s my opinion.” Jokic said.

But the Serb’s statements were not the only ones that stole the attention of the media and public opinion. Miami Heats guard-forward Jimmy Butler also broke the silence, with some more controversial words. “How do I prepare for the grand finale? Just drink some water, listen to music, some wine, that’s the formula…”

The NBA Finals 2023 can give a new champion or expand Miami’s record

There is no doubt that it will be a very final worthy of the best basketball in the world, with two of the best teams of the season. On the one hand there is a quintet that has been fighting for many years to win their first championship ring, but the circumstances have not been in their favor. The Denver Nuggets hope that this year will be the “big year” and they can appear on the honor roll where the Boston Celtics continue to lead (17 titles).

In the other corner are the Miami Heats, who have already won the ring three times. 2006, 2012 and 2013. In this edition they completed a full decade without returning the title to the coastal city, and they have the firm conviction of going for the four-time championship. The team led by Erik Spoelstra knows that they must win yes or yes in foreign lands, to leave the title ready at home.

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