The most important thing remains to be seen, how the action is going to be on the track and, especially, in the race, but without a doubt it can already be said without fear of being wrong that the Miami GP is one of the most special of the year. You just have to see everything that surrounds it to realize it. A preview of the purest American show with all the protagonists on stage, a fake marina as an attraction to buy yachts, a circuit around a modern stadium… and ddesigns, many new designs. Of clothes, and of helmets.

There are several pilots who will race during the weekend in the city of Florida with a special design on their helmets. For example, two of the most followed by the fans: Alonso and Verstappen. Both have resorted to the most characteristic of Miami to paint their ‘heads’, the beach and the palm trees, each one adapting it to their style, that of the Asturian with more vivid colours. But if someone who surprises is someone with a large fan base, Norris, whose helmet imitates a basketball in clear tribute to the NBA.

Who also attends basketball reasons is Zhou. The Chinese from Alfa Romeo colors his helmet with some very bright tones and a white mark rabbit in the style of Bugs Bunny on Space Jam. And another of the pilots who also premieres design is Gasly. In his case, the helmet of the Frenchman from Alpha Tauri is more normal, within the usual style, but the grace of his invention is that joins the NFT wave with the different layouts you’ll use throughout the year. Each one with their style, but all celebrating Miami’s arrival in F1.


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