Two seasons ago the name of Thiago Alcantara it sounded too loud to go back to FC Barcelona, when I was trying to get out of the Bayern Munich, but finally he opted for the Liverpool, who made him a totally irrefutable offer. The Spanish international player is not going through his best moment in the Anfield team as injuries are weighing him down a lot compared to his teammates and there has been speculation about his return to the Barça team.

Well, according to account ‘Liverpool Echo‘, these rumors would be very far from reality since the footballer would not be willing to change of scene in any market since he is focused on recovering his best version and offering it to Jürgen Klopp, a coach who bet very strongly on his arrival at Anfield. It seems that the Spaniard is not willing to return to the Catalan team under any circumstances and everything seems to indicate that his desire is to speed up the time he has under contract with the ‘reds’ as much as possible, that is, until June 30, 2024.

It is not known what will happen in his future

As we say, injuries are weighing down the passage of Thiago Alcantara for Liverpool, but even so, he has the confidence of Klopp and the affection of the fans, so it seems that they will not put him on the market early. What is not clear is what the footballer will do once his time in the English team ends, that is, in two years, when he is already 32 years old. It seems that the FC Barcelona He will continue to have it on his agenda and will try to get his services, if he cannot in the next markets, he will try to negotiate with him his free return after the end of the contract.



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