Home World They will train young people in the art of preparing coffee-based drinks

They will train young people in the art of preparing coffee-based drinks

Capacitarán jóvenes en el arte de preparar bebidas a base de café

In order to broaden the professional skills of the hospitality and culinary arts studentsNestlé Dominicana and the Universidad Iberoamericana (Unibe), signed a collaboration agreement to train future baristas in the art of preparing coffee-based beverages.

Through this agreement, which is carried out within the framework of the “Nestlé Young Baristas”, students will be able to access first-rate academic training that will allow them to complete their internship program and access future job opportunities that arise in the market.

For him President of Nestlé for the Latin Caribbean Region, Pablo Wiechersthis initiative is in line with Nestlé’s commitment and philosophy of creating shared value, which as a company not only focuses on the manufacture, distribution and marketing of food products, but also seeks to promote well-being and sustainable development in the Dominican Republic.

“With this alliance that we signed within the framework of “Nestlé Jovenes Baristas”, we seek not only to contribute to the training of professionals who will dedicate themselves to this trade, but also We will provide them with tools so that they can become, if they so wish, ambassadors of the coffee culture in the country”Nestle’s Wiechers said.

Dr. Loraine Amell Bogaert, vice-rector for Outreach and Internationalization, thanked Nestlé for its support, a company that she considers to be a strategic ally of great value.

He also highlighted the support as a University they will be offering in the process of teaching technical skills to future baristas through its School of Tourism, and called for the development of joint work for continuous education in the training of the staff that they need as a company for this project, with a view to being able to enter the world of work or start a business from now on. successful.

In this first installment of the program, the different types of coffee produced in the Dominican Republic will be addressed and other countries; The benefits of coffee consumption and the role of the barista in the business of this important grain will be analyzed.

Also, students will visit local coffee plantations and learn in detail how coffee is selected and classifies its grainas well as the aspects to take into account regarding water quality, the main characteristics for cultivation and soil conservation, pest and disease management, among others.

The program of extended training of 21 hours It will also cover topics such as techniques for the preparation of a good espresso, the correct cremation of milk, the calibration of the grinder, ideas on the ideal system for a business and Nestlé’s sustainability programs.

¨Nestlé Jovenes Baristas¨ is a shared value creation program that belongs to the Initiative for Young People, whose objective is support young people in search of skills development by providing them with tools to bring them closer to the world of coffee.

The program was also created to support the dissemination of the culinary arts, provide practical support and training to students of hospitality, cooking or related studies on the art of preparing coffee-based beverages.

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