By heading the launch of the digital platform 2.0 of the Chamber of Commerce and Production of Santo Domingo, the president Luis Abinader reiterated the execution of zero bureaucracy and recognized that the greatest weakness of public entities is in the hiring of companies when there are tenders.

In his speech, the president indicated that Starting in September, public institutions will have the program “Zero bureaucracy”, which will start with a first phase.

“I want to tell you that this issue of zero bureaucracy with the single government portal they will access there for all permissions; all institutions are going to have their one-stop shop,” said the president.

He pointed out that the last meeting they had with those in charge of the zero bureaucracy program was held last week and there they were talking about the efficiency of the execution of the initiative.

The head of state also explained that the weaknesses that public entities have is capturing the quality of the contracted companies.

“One of the weaknesses that we have when bidding proposals are made is the quality of the company, where it comes from, if it is valid…”, he indicated.

Said This innovation will have a positive impact on the public purchasing and contracting system, since it will streamline the registration and updating processes of the State Supplier Registry managed by the General Directorate of Public Procurement, allowing the accurate validation of the documentation issued by the corresponding Chamber of Commerce.

The president also specified that with all this “it is possible to facilitate the access and acquisition of services to an increasingly diverse and delocalized publicwhich allows all this interaction to become real benefits, such as the facilities that can be generated in public procurement processes and the elimination of extortion”.


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