"They should put more media" in the Women’s World Cup, says FIFA Secretary General

The FIFA Secretary General, Fatma Samoura, urged, this Sunday in an interview with AFP, to the television networks to put more media on the tablewhen several countries still do not have broadcasters for the Women’s World Cup, due to a lack of financial agreement.

“There are ongoing conversations, but I don’t see a country that organized this same World Cup four years ago, not spreading it,” declared Samoura regarding France, two months before the start of the tournament (July 20-August 20 in Australia and New Zealand).

The offer that we have received was not up to the expectations of FIFA and the president (Gianni Infantino) said it clearly,” he said.

“We have a good product, the most beautiful in women’s sports. Everyone talks about equality, about parity. We would like these words to be transformed into actions. The simplest action is to value this World Cup at its fair price, that’s all we ask for,” claimed the FIFA number 2.

“The three games for France are scheduled at noon in France in the middle of summer, when everyone is on vacation. It is necessary that the televisions put a little more media on the table and agree to return to the negotiating tablewith prices that reflect the passion for the most popular sport in Europe and in France,” insisted Samoura.

Contrary to the United States, Canada, Brazil or the Netherlands, the situation is currently blocked in Germany, Italy, Spain and France about broadcasting the World Cup, despite the fact that FIFA has already reached agreements with operators in 155 countries.

The stakes are high for the International Football Federation, as the revenue generated from the World Cup media rights will be 100% reinvested in the development of women’s football.

“It is time to put women’s football in the foreground and show that it is as important as men’s”said Fatma Samoura.

“For a long time, broadcasters have been used to buying women’s competitions with symbolic prices and only the men’s World Cup was valued. Sponsors and broadcasters play a key role in the development of women’s football and I would like that to become effective and massive support.”he concluded.

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