They seized contraband worth 230,000 pesos on an interdepartmental bus in Paysandú

A routine check carried out by police last Sunday Paysandu He found contraband worth more than 230,000 pesos on an interdepartmental bus on the Rivera-Paysandú route.

The vehicle was checked at kilometer 383 on line 3, and sausage boxes, chocolate boxes, soft drinks and sugar packets were found during the search of the bus.

An investigation was launched against the security guard and the driver while the vehicle was taken to the 5th police station, where several pairs of shoes, alcoholic drinks, cigarette packets, chicken and salads, among other things, were also found.

One of the interviewees took over part of the shipment and explained that the other part was to be received by another man who would contact them when they arrived in Paysandú.

Prosecutor Joaquín Suárez ordered a photograph coordinated with customs, took a statement from the driver and confiscated his cell phone.

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