They review the regulation for submitting claims to electricity distributors

The Superintendence of Electricity (SIE) asked the Ombudsman to participate in the revision process of the regulation to process customer claims to public and private companies that supply the electricity service. This regulation will be presented at a public hearing this Tuesday, October 25.

The Superintendent of Electricity, Andrés Astacio, met with the Ombudsman, Pablo Ulloa, and asked him to review the project and present his observations to the proposal to modify the Regulations for the Presentation, Processing and Decision of Claims, which establishes the procedure for claims made by users to distributors through the Electricity Consumer Protection Office (Protecom).

Claims to state and private distributors, in the second instance, are processed by Protecom, an agency of the SIE, created by Law 125-01, of July 2001, whose function is to attend to and settle consumer claims about billing, quality of the service or any other complaint of the service of the distribution companies.

At the meeting, Astacio asked Ulloa and his team to review the modification proposal and contribute their observations and suggestions to the regulation revision project. The Ombudsman accepted and said that the institution’s technical team will make the necessary observationswith the purpose of adhering to due process and contributing to protecting the rights of electricity service consumers.

Astacio explained that, as the regulatory entity of the electricity sector, it reviewed the current regulations so that “the procedures for dealing with and resolving claims from users of the electricity service are as fair and efficient as possible, and the administrative principles of speed are complied with, simplicity, efficiency, transparency, non-discrimination, responsibility and fairness".

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The “Regulation for the Presentation, Processing and Decision of the Claims Arising in the Relationship of Distribution Companies – Users through the Administrative Channel”, establishes the rules, procedures and the regulatory framework for claims filed with Protecom as well as the Hierarchical Resources, or appeals, of the decisions of this instance before the Superintendent of Electricity.

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