They rescue a man from a tunnel in Rome that could have been dug to rob a bank

A man had to be rescued in Italy after being trapped in a collapsed tunnel that he is suspected of digging to access. a bank near the Vatican, police said Friday.

It took eight hours for firefighters to reach the point under a highway in Rome where the man was.

The excavated tunnel began in an empty shop that had been recently rented.

"We all thought they were renovating it"A neighbor, Michelle, told AFP.

Italian newspapers, for their part, highlighted that the tunnel where this man was found is near a bank.

"the pit gang", headlined the newspaper Corriere della Sera. For the stamp: "They dug a tunnel to rob a bank and one of them ended up buried".

The police stated that they had arrested four people in connection with these events.

"We do not exclude the possibility that it is thieves"a Rome police spokesman told AFP.

In addition, the city is almost empty at the gates of a long weekend, since it is a holiday on August 15.

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