They mistakenly discover the new 2022 Porsche Panamera before hitting the market

A new major project is coming to the south of Europe and all thanks to him Porsche Panamera 2022. And is that the second generation of this car will undergo a new facelift. It is undoubtedly an idea that will allow you to extend your commercial life cycle even more.

What’s more, Porsche wants to extend as long as possible the commercial life cycle of the current generation of the Panamera. That is why the manufacturer of Stuttgart is working at full capacity in the process of developing a second facelift. A upgrade that should boost the sales of the Porsche Panamera.

It has been a few months since the last time that many approached the development of the new Panamera. Now it was possible to see a test specimen that has been sighted in broad daylight while carrying out tests on roads open to traffic. Some photos taken in southern Europe.

The second generation of the Panamera will soon receive an update that, thanks to the new features that it will introduce in the range, will allow the Porsche saloon to catch up on key aspects. All this without losing sight of the future third generation. A comprehensive renovation that will transform the Porsche Panamera into an electric car.

Going back to the project Porsche is currently working on, the exterior design is said to undergo changes. However, they will be smaller and will focus on the front end. This will be key for the Panamera 2022 to adapt to the new design philosophy that the German company is following.

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On a mechanical level there will be no big surprises. The brand plans to offer an offer very similar to that of the current model. That is, it will be possible to opt for gasoline engines as well as plug-in hybrid versions that will stand out for their level of efficiency and, above all, for their autonomy in fully electric mode.

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