Under the auspices of AFP Popular and the participation of national and international speakers, two congresses of human management professionals were held, where the main trends regarding human capital management in public and private companies were analyzed.

It is estimated that a total of 20 managers gathered in the three days of the meeting where the Inter-American Congress on Human Management (CIGEH), in its XXVII edition, and the National Human Management Congress (ADOARH), whose The central theme is “People: the rhythm of the organization, dedicated to public and private entities”.

Neyda Iglesias, president of the Association of Human Resources Administrators (Adoarh), in her remarks during the opening, highlighted that both the organizations and those who make them up have had to make their policies and processes more flexible and adopt new ways of making things happen. .

Likewise, during the inauguration, the directive of the Inter-American Federation of Human Management (Fidagh) 2022-2023, chaired by Liselotte Ortega, was presented.

Current issues

The inaugural panel dealt with the strategic management of talent in the concepts of personal, country and record branding, with its panelists being prominent national athletes, who shared their experiences, training, contributions to national identity and their projection for the future.

The exponents were the award-winning athletes Gabriel Mercedes, Carolanni Reyes, Isandrina Sánchez, Juander Santos and Félix Sánchez.

In the development of the 2022 edition of the CIGEH and ADOARH congresses, an extensive program will be developed that will include relevant topics on human management trends, including culture, transformation, well-being, gamification, leadership, digital transformation, self-motivation, creation of spaces of trust, among other thematic axes conducive to talent management at this time.

Among the invited speakers and moderates are Enrique Baliño from Uruguay; Melina Jajamovich from Argentina; José María Gasalla, Marcos Urarte, Juan Mollá and Pilar Jericó, from Spain; Silvia Gil Cordero, Paraguay; Arianna Martínez and Tony da Silva, from Venezuela and Daniel Almazán, from Mexico.


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