At IPL 15, Umran Malik has driven everyone crazy with his speed. Many veterans demand to include him in Team India. Legendary spinner Harbhajan Singh thinks he too should get a place in the T20 World Cup. In this episode, now former coach MSK Prasad has objected. He believes that Umran Malik should not be included in the team so soon.

Speaking about the selection of Umran Malik in the India team, he said that he should not be included in the senior team so soon. In such a situation, if they are not successful at that level, they will be disappointed.

He further stated that he should play a full season at this point. Aside from this, he should also do an A tour. So that he can prepare for that level. Mohammad Siraj also got a place in Team India in the same way. In such a situation, Umran Malik must also be prepared in the same way.

In a recent interview about Umran, Harbhajan Singh said that he is my favorite bowler. He is a great bowler and that is why I also want to see him play for Team India. Tell me any bowler who is bowling at a speed of more than 150 km/h and is not playing for his country.

Regarding the inclusion in the selection in the World Cup, he said that I don’t know if he will be included in the selection. But if I were part of the selection committee, I would have included it. He should bowl with Jasprit Bumrah at the T20 World Cup in Australia.


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