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These automated robots can build huge solar farms


Terafab offers a fully automated digital robot system capable of building large-scale solar farms. Its creators claim that it can double the efficiency and reduce the costs of the installation process. This is an attractive proposition for companies looking for reliable and affordable solutions to their energy needs.

Terabase Energy, based in Berkeley, California, developed the revolutionary Terafab system, which consists of solar panel installation robots that can run non-stop on an automated assembly line on a solar farm. This system works with robotic arms that collect solar panels and connect them to trackers, making the whole process much more efficient.

The system not only has a virtual model of the solar farm, but also includes a logistics management system and a wireless command center. All of this together helps provide an efficient approach to managing operations on these sites.

A factory of robot makers

Terabase has opened a “factory to manufacture factories” in Woodland, California, where it plans to build its Terafab systems. This change will allow the company to speed up production and better meet customer needs. The Woodland plant is currently capable of producing 1 GW from Terafab’s assembly lines and has the potential to produce over 10 GW per year.

Using Terafab to build solar farms on a large scale, the organization said it will increase construction speed, improve employee health and safety, and address manpower shortages in the renewable energy sector, a considerable challenge facing many today. Plus, its modular nature makes it easily scalable for any business.

Terafab’s system is almost ready to go to market. It is likely to be released for commercial use during the third quarter of this year.

Matt Campbell, CEO and co-founder of Terabase Energy, said yesterday: “We successfully field tested Terafab last year, building 10 megawatts from a 400 MW site in Texas. Today’s launch is the next step in the rapid expansion of the business.”

Terabase Energy has partnered with Tempe-based First Solar and is backed by Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Ventures, which focuses on tackling climate change.

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