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These are the most popular marketplaces in the world


At this point, no one doubts that the coronavirus pandemic has had an impact on consumption habits to change them, almost, radically.

This change is even greater if it takes place in the digital environment. And if, within this, what is analyzed is the evolution of the marketplaces as a new distribution channel, it is more than clear the success of this type of format.

But, which ones are preferred by consumers? Here we reveal what are the most visited marketplaces in the world.

Top 10 of the most popular marketplaces in the world

With nearly 5,000 million visits in the first half of the year, amazon is consolidated as world’s leading marketplace.

If we analyze the data from last August, the e-commerce giant also tops the list as the most popular. According to the classification made by similarwebusers spend on average seven minutes on the web and view, on average, 8.95 pages per visit. 34.09% of visitors leave the website after viewing a single page.

ebay.com Y amazon.co.jpwhich corresponds to Amazon’s domain in Japan, occupy the second and third positions, respectively.

When it comes to user engagement, ebay.com has a average visit length of seven minutesan average number of pages per visit of 6.99 and a bounce rate of 36.45%.

On the other hand, the average duration of visits to amazon.co.jp is six minutes, its average number of pages per visit is 7.75 and its bounce rate is 37.29%.

Rakuten and AliExpress, in the world top 10

Another of the marketplaces with the greatest projection is the Japanese Rakuten which occupies the fourth position. On average, visitors stay on the site for six minutes and 38.29% of those visits bounce after viewing just one page. In addition, the average number of web pages visited per visit is 7.52.

Number five on the list is occupied by amazon.de. In this case, visitors view 9.12 pages per visit and spend six minutes on the website. The bounce rate for Amazon in Germany is 32.33%.

aliexpressthe brand owned by Chinese giant Alibabais also at the top of the list of favorite marketplaces worldwide with a bounce rate of 39.79%.

Amazon, the favorite also for the Spanish

In our country, marketplaces are also becoming more and more popular. According to the latest IAB annual study on ecommerce trends, 91% of Spaniards buy their products through a marketplace.

amazon It is also the favorite marketplace for Spanish consumers and leads the list of the most visited in August with a bounce rate of 50.78%, followed by aliexpress with a bounce rate of 11.92%.

The online store of The English Court ranks third. East marketplace from Spain genuinely national records a bounce rate of 11.45%.

Finally, they close the list amazon.com fourth and Carrefour in the last position of the top 5.

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