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These are the fittest cricketers in the world including Virat Kohli, take special care of their diet

The fitness of players has become a huge style statement in the current era of cricket. All the legendary cricketers around the world not only sweat for hours in the gym to keep themselves fit, but are also very conscious about their diet. First IPL and now T20 World Cup being played immediately after that it is almost impossible to play in such world class tournament continuously without good fitness. Today’s cricketers are well aware of this truth. This is the reason why he follows a very strict diet plan along with the gym.

From Team India’s captain Virat Kohli, South African batsman Faf du Plessis to Ravindra Jadeja and Steve Smith, all these top cricketers of the world have been able to maintain their fitness. Due to this, Youth Icon has become for the youth around the world. You must have seen a lot of photos or videos of fitness tips of these favorite players sweating in the gym. Today we are going to tell you about the diet of these fittest cricketers in the world. If you also want to include their eating habits in your routine, then you can follow their diet plan.

In the matter of fitness, there will hardly be any cricketer in today’s era who can match the level of Virat Kohli. The captain of Team India is counted among the fittest players in the world. Even during the lockdown in Kovid-19, Kohli was constantly seen working on his fitness at his home. Talking about the diet plan, Kohli follows a very strict routine. 32-year-old Kohli mostly uses Lamb chops, Pink Salmon and Evian Water to keep his body fit. Although sometimes Virat eats chocolate brownies in the form of Cheat Meal.

The level of fitness standard of former South Africa captain and Chennai opener in IPL is very different than other cricketers. Du Plessis, 36, is followed all over the world due to his fitness. As far as diet is concerned, Du Plessis likes to eat more and more fiber rich foods in his diet. He likes to eat oats with milk and honey every day. Apart from this, he likes to eat fish and chicken rich in omega-3 nutrition in lunch and dinner. As a Cheat Meal, Du Plessis likes to eat pizza and chocolate.

Ravindra Jadeja’s name is considered one of the best fielders in the world today. Although Jadeja is very fond of Gujarati food, but he does not include Fats, Carbs and High Calorie Meals in his regular diet. The special thing is that Jadeja mostly eats very heavy breakfast and skips his lunch. However, he prefers to take a balanced diet throughout the day and for this he likes to eat milk and fruits in between.

Team India opener Rohit Sharma starts his day with breakfast of oats in eggs and milk. Like his sport, Rohit is very cautious about his fitness and health. 33-year-old Rohit has worked continuously on his fitness over the years and today he has established himself as a very fit and stylish player. However, you will be surprised to know that Rohit was once a pure vegetarian. Although now where he starts his breakfast with eggs, in the afternoon he likes to eat homemade chapati and brown rice. While in dinner, Rohit’s diet includes grilled chicken and salad. Rohit likes to eat Aloo Paratha as a Cheat Meal.


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