These 4 tips to automatically water your plants during the holidays

This is a dilemma for lovers of beautiful plants that adorn the house and balconies. How to water them when you are away on vacation? Here are some tips to keep them safe.

Because if you don’t have neighbors or relatives who agree to come and water the plants, the risk is that some will die from the heat. Nature lovers therefore opt for the D system to maintain the most common plants found in French homes.

Suitable for a stay of 4 to 5 days maximum

Often used in outdoor gardens and for some plants that require a lot of water, the mulching technique is an inexpensive solution that can help your plants survive in your absence. This consists first of watering the soil in your pots, then you can place a layer of straw on the whole of the earthy part that surrounds the plant, or dry grass for example that you can find in your garden. Or outdoors. A thickness of 3 to 5 cm is more than enough.

By covering the soil with this type of plant, you will increase the chances of keeping the soil moist longer. Water tends to evaporate under the effect of summer heat, if you cannot place your plants in the shade. It should be noted that the cushioning solution does not guarantee humidification for several weeks. This tip is preferred if you are not going to be away for another four or five days.

Suitable for a stay of up to 15 days

For potted plants, the soaked wool wick trick is a good idea. In addition to being inexpensive, this method is still effective on the most common plants. To install it, you will need a bottle of water, wool yarn or hydrophilic fabric threads, and your flower pot. Place the twine in a circle under the soil and close to the stem and roots and cover the wire with soil without pressing it. The idea here is to cover as much soil as possible so that it can “suck in” enough water by capillary action.

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Then place the other end in a bottle, vase or bowl that you have taken care of filling with water and place it high (on a chair or a shelf) of the planter, so that the water flows more easily. A technique that, if followed to the letter, can “supply” water to a plant for two weeks. It should be noted that with a basin, this trick can be used to water multiple pots.

Suitable for a stay of 15 to 20 days

For plant owners who are a bit more sensitive or require precise watering, there are inexpensive drip kits on the market. They are usually sold in sets or individually with different tips to adapt to all types of plants. They are generally designed to fit the neck size of a classic mineral bottle.

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