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There is no “right” way to transition to renewable energy

Transición energética paneles solares

There is a misconception that there is a “correct” way to transition to renewable energy that different countries must follow. However, the needs of each country are different and the vast majority of them need additional support.

For some countries, it means moving towards an energy matrix based on renewable sources, and for others, it means ensuring that their community has easy access to clean, affordable energy. Representatives from Brazil and Argentina spoke about their countries’ transition to renewable energy sources at the AIEN International Energy Summit. To learn more, they must attend an AIEN event.

Heloisa Borges Esteves, director of Oil, Natural Gas and Biofuels in Brazil at the Energy Research Office, says the country has already made the transition to using renewable energy sources. “We have one of the cleanest energy matrices in the world. 90% of our electricity production already comes from renewable energies. To continue this good work, we must solve the basic trilemma: safe, clean, affordable.”

“Developing countries have a greater challenge than developed economies. We are trying to improve our offer. We expect demand to grow by 30% by the end of the decade. It will be a great achievement to add this to our matrix and maintain it with 90% renewability”, he added.

“We are basing our energy transition on four main pillars:

1 -Balancing environmental impacts.

2- Social and economic development.

3 – Energy security.

4- Maintain the country’s competitiveness.

Energy transition planning

Cecilia Garibotti, Undersecretary for Energy Planning of Argentina, highlighted another problem faced by some Latin American countries that do not have the same problem in places like Europe. “We are very big! We are the eighth largest country in terms of territory and therefore have many different climates and conditions.

Across the region, we have a cleaner matrix than many other parts of the world. There is no single transition policy, there are many that need to be adapted to the uniqueness of each country, and different areas of a country in our case, ”he said.

He added: “When we think about the transition, we think about the country’s different resources and needs and how best to support communities. In the north we have solar energy, in the south we have some of the best wind energy in the world. At the core, we have bioenergy.

We also have one of the largest productions of unconventional oil and gas in the world. We will not stop using it, as it will play a very important role in decarbonization from other countries and we cannot depend on other countries with geopolitical conflicts that we are not part of”.

Both panelists agreed that the financial challenges posed by the energy transition will pose different tests for different economies, but each will deal with it in their own way. “The transition is a set of tools for companies to choose parts, not all of us have to face it the same way”, concluded Garibotti.

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