The young Lasse Stolley left his homeland to travel across his country by train

The story of the young German Lasse Stolley went around the world because he left his homeland to travel all over Europe by train.

At just 16 years old, this young man decided to leave the comforts of his parents’ home behind and embark on a journey for which there is still no return date.

Lasse lived in the city of Schleswig-Holstein, where he had everything he needed for a good life.

However, his adventurous spirit led him to embark on a very strange adventure: living on a train indefinitely while traveling his continent.

All of this was justified, as the government offers an unlimited annual voucher for train travel in your country, but also for hassle-free travel across all countries.

Taking advantage of this, Lasse Stolley began his journey in 2022 and decided to create the blog “Life on a Train” and use his social networks to document his experiences.

“I love traveling! I have been living on the train since summer 2022 and have a permanent residence with a BahnCard 100 1. Living on the train gives me the freedom to choose where I want to go at any time. “I have breakfast in the morning on the Baltic Sea and enjoy the sunset in the Alps in the evening,” he said.

Traveling in first class

The young man has been traveling across the continent in first class for more than a year and a half. On board the Intercity Express high-speed train, Lasse experienced and enjoyed the landscapes of Germany before embarking on a journey to another country.

The young man’s goal is to see every corner of Germany. The truth is that many people think that their parents are financing this adventure because of the costs they have to bear on their travels.

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However, Lasse works as a software developer for an IT startup during the day and sleeps on the train at night.

In an interview with The Mirror newspaper, the young man explained that his job allowed him to be anywhere, which made traveling easier for him.

«I’ve been living on a train for a year and a half and describe myself as a digital nomad… At night I sleep on the Intercity Express and during the day I work as a programmer. I travel and visit many countries. “I explore all of Germany,” he said.

As a result, Lasse Stolley does not have a permanent home and this lifestyle costs him around 9,000 euros per year.

At first he found it difficult to sleep on the train and suffered several setbacks, but he has now managed to adapt his body to this routine. For example, he usually bathes and cleans himself in public toilets.

He also learned that he should pack light. He only carries four t-shirts, two pairs of pants, a pillow and a travel blanket. The most important things for him are his laptop and his headphones.

The story of this young man traveling in Germany and living on a train has traveled around the world and inspired many to fulfill their dream of getting to know their country.

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