The Walking Dead: The Movie About Rick Grimes Lost In Space? The latest news

The Walking Dead had its heyday. If the series has long been part of the main shows, in decline, relaunched at times, TwD made his lead actor disappear at the beginning of the ninth season. Since then, a movie about the latter has been announced in what should be a trilogy. The Walking Dead the film is part of its sequels that have been waiting for centuries to see the light of day.

Currently, the movie is completely lost in the twists and turns of Hollywood. Outside Greg Nicotero who does not stop stating that the film “is on the right track”, tirelessly, nothing happens. In addition, none of the actors involved find optimistic comments on the subject. It is the case of Norman Reedus, that imagines more easily embody Ghost Rider, that Daryl from the movies. Asked by Comicbook about the reunion between his character and Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln), the actor has no words to hide his pessimism. He wonders if that moment will ever happen, and so do we.

“I don’t think anyone knows what’s going on with the movies right now. I hear different responses from different groups. So I think it is still uncertain. I think it changed perspective a few times. I do not know. This is all I can say. “

Greg Nicotero then outbid, he assures that “the movie is still alive.” Expert in makeup and special effects, Nicotero It adds to having read “a variety of scripts” important, but the objective is simple: to offer the best possible adaptation to the fans, even if the salsa takes a few more years to come out.

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