The US Supreme Court allows Texas to detain migrants

The Supreme Court of the United States authorized this Tuesday the Entry into force of a Texas law The allows the detention of migrants on its territorya slap in the face to the White House, which warns that there will be “chaos” at the border with Mexico.

ANDThe error occurs less than 24 hours later the existence Judge this court extended the blockade to the so-called SB4 law, The Authorizes Texas security forces to arrest migrants in the state who cannot prove that they crossed the border legally.

But The approval could be provisional, as the legal dispute will continue in the lower courts.

The regulations make illegal entry into the territory a state crime Penalties of up to 20 years in prison and empowers judges to deport migrants to Mexico.

The state of Texas is governed by Republican Greg Abbott, a great admirer of Donald Trump, the likely rival of Democratic President Joe Biden in November’s presidential election.

The Biden administration rejects Texas’ migrant law

He Biden administration strongly rejects Texas law among other things, because it considers that it is exceeding its powers.

Democrats have been repeating for months that immigration policy is the responsibility of the federal government and not the individual states.

“We fundamentally disagree” with the Supreme Court because the law “not only reduces the security of Texas communities, but also overburdens law enforcement and sows chaos and confusion at our southern border,” the White House protested. It is an explanation.

“It’s another example of Republican officials politicizing the immigration crisis,” he added.

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The normativeHowever, the law approved by the Texas Senate and signed by Abbott was scheduled to take effect in early March has been blocked several times.

First by a federal district judge. An appeals court later ruled that it could be applied unless the Supreme Court ruled otherwise. Judge Samuel Alito then suspended the proceedings indefinitely. AFP

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