The unmissable fight between Tuchel and Conte in Chelsea-Tottenham

In a very hot classic, both on the pitch and on the substitute benches, Chelsea and Cuti Romero’s Tottenham tied 2-2 and they stayed at four points each after two Premier League dates.

The history of the derby between the London clubs went through the duel between the German Thomas Tuchel -DT of Chelsea- and the Italian Antonio Conte -DT of Tottenham-. It is that when the visit reached 1 to 1, at 68 minutes, the two technicians crossed paths and came to fight, with the fourth referee in the middle of both.

The controversy arose because Chelsea protested an infraction by former Boca Rodrigo Bentancur at the start of the play that ended almost a minute later with a goal by Danish Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg. So, with the fourth official as the recipient of the protests, the German and the Italian they ended up brawling while the first complained and the second celebrated the goalfinally endorsed by the referee and the VAR.

It did not stop there. At 77, Chelsea got the 2-1 through Reece James (the first goal of the afternoon was at 19, with the Senegalese Kalidou Koulibaly) and Tuchel ran madly towards Conte’s sector, passing him by without the Italian reacting.

But football gave the Tottenham coach revenge as in the sixth minute of added time, Harry Kane headed the final tie and allowed the Italian to make the occasional sign towards the Chelsea bench.

In the absence of drama, after the final whistle, Both coaches went to shake hands to comply with the protocol. For what… Tuchel did not let go of Conte’s squeeze, who intended to greet and pass by and they ended up braiding once again, head to head (or in front of the Italian against the German’s cap) until the players of both teams went to separate and the thing did not happen to majors. The German seemed to “claim” the Italian to look him in the eye.

The Cuti Romero, controversial

As for soccer, It was not a great match for the Argentine National Team’s center-back Cuti Romero, who ended up very stubborn in physically punishing more than one rival. The former Belgrano de Córdoba suffered a disloyal foul by the German Havertz on the closing -push from behind- and spent the following minutes looking if he could return the favor to the German. Then, in the play prior to the goal from 2 to 2, Romero exceeded pulling the hair of the Spaniard Cucurella -of luxuriant hair-an action that could have ended in a free kick for Chelsea and final victory for the locals.

The Premier League has Manchester City and Arsenal as pointers with six units, in the absence of a match for the end of the second date: the one they will encourage this Monday (from 4:00 p.m., ESPN television) Liverpool (one point) and Crystal Palace (no units).

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The match summary

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