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The ugly gesture of Ilia Topuria with Pedro Sánchez

A day after Pedro Sánchez received Ilia Topuria after winning the UFC featherweight belt, social networks were full of El Matador’s gesture with the government president

After writing his name in golden letters in the history books of Spanish sport, Ilia Topuria was received with distinction by Pedro Sánchez. He did so after explaining that he was unhappy for not having received the call from the President of the Government and for having gone through programs such as El Hormiguero or being received by Ayuso and Almeida in the Community of Madrid.

The differences between the two seemed obvious, however Ilia Topuria was finally received by Pedro Sánchez. The meeting undoubtedly gave us great moments the announcement that El Matador will receive his Spanish DNI the most emotional of them. But beyond this gesture, there is one that initially went unnoticed and is now causing a stir on social networks.

Ilia Topuria Pedro Sanchez
Ilia Topuria did not lend her belt to the regional president

Ilia Topuria did not give up her belt to Pedro Sánchez

Since my arrival in Spain Ilia Topuria was the most media-covered man in Spanish sportl. In fact, he was present at Real Madrid – Sevilla FC and took the kickoff. He then posed with the footballers from both teams and lent his belt to players such as Sergio Ramos, Alaba and Jude Bellingham, among others.

He did the same with friends like Omar Montes or with YouTubers like Plex, who also posed with the championship. And this situation has extended to other characters such as Pablo Motos, Almeida or Ayuso. However, this did not happen with Pedro Sánchez. And that’s it Ilia Topuria grabbed his belt when the Prime Minister wanted to accept it.

The district president smoothed over differences with the Spanish DNI

During their meeting there was a moment when Pedro Sánchez won the UFC featherweight belt. Then Ilia Topuria grabbed it and put it on her shoulder to pose for the photo that will remain for posterity. A photo that, compared to others, is now going around the world.

Whatever the relationship may be between the two, which so far appears to be non-existent, Pedro Sánchez tried to smooth over the situation by confirming that Ilia Topuria will receive the Spanish DNI. Now we have no choice but to pay attention to the future of El Matador. A future that wants to be bright because it has already been seen as such two-time UFC champion.

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