Home Sports The top destination that is presented to Kangin in Serie A

The top destination that is presented to Kangin in Serie A

The top destination that is presented to Kangin in Serie A

kangin lee He is one of the players who will almost certainly leave the Majorca at the end of the season, thus putting an end to the South Korean player to a stage in the Balearic team in which he has not managed to have all the expected prominence, this being one of the reasons that has lately fueled the rumors about a possible departure from the Balearic club at the end of the season.

And it seems that kangin lee For a long time, it has maintained a large poster in leagues such as Ligue 1 or Serie A with a view to a potential signing during the next window of the transfer market that will open on July 1, being in the latter where AC Milan has set eyes on the Asian player, the 23-year-old attacker being able to try his luck at the San Siro hand in hand with the team led by the Italian coach Stefano Pioli, who would have asked to cover the possible goodbye of Brahim Diaz with the player of Majorcawho has 60 games with the Balearic club in which he has managed to score three goals and distribute eight assists.

It all depends on the permanence

He Majorcaonce the descent to Second divisionhe hopes to make a small leap in quality that will bring him closer to Europe in 2023/2024, seeking to have a squad that is as competitive as possible in which he could not enter kangin readTherefore, the Asian player is waiting for the future of events to find out if he will continue playing with the shirt of the Majorca Or if, on the contrary, he meets his goal of leaving the island to head away from LaLiga with a view to the next course.

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