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The title is turned upside down

The title is turned upside down

The last appointment of the season has started as the antithesis of everything Extreme E has been up to now. The electrical contest has experienced the mistakes of those who never failed and both Rosberg’s team like Hamilton’s, They have gone from dominating the category to closing a table that fortunately does not distribute points on Saturdays. They would not have changed the score too much, because only the couple of Cristina Gutiérrez and Sebastien Loeb he scored four throughout the day (which would have brought them closer to the head), but he has ensured that both the X44 and the RxR duo risk everything ahead of time in the Crazy Race.

Two premature rollovers, which fortunately do not weigh so much when following each other in the qualifiers, are to blame for this. In total there have been three that were displayed throughout the day with the McLaren, but due to the situation of a title that is turned upside down, those of the X44 and the RxR were the most relevant. According to Loeb, the key was that the high grip of the Uruguayan track, which together with the numerous potholes, did not they married with the center of gravity of the Odyssey 21. But once the mistake was made, that was the least of it. just had to avoid another misfortune and manage some repairs that made possible the presence of both teams in the qualifiers.

There was no one like Carlos Sainz and Laia Sanz, who finished the day as the fastest confirming their desire to close the course in style. The Acciona couple put on a show and had a clean Saturday that brought a lot of work for the title contenders after the accidents. The most shocking was the one suffered by Cristina Gutiérrez who fell from a wrecked car that during the classification his mission was clear: to end a hole in the crazy race, to play one last decisive card to keep his title options to the end. But what the Hamilton couple did not know is that they will have to share that card in the deck with their main rivals for the crown.

The bad luck of some was replicated in the others. And despite the fact that the exit to the qualifier was very different for the Rosberg duo, which flirted with the head until Al Attiyah did another one of his, the ending was pretty similar. A car damaged after a previous touch at the start, ended up exhausting the bad luck with an attack from behind the Cupra pilot, which forced them to retreat into the head. What did that mean? That his destiny passed through a crazy race that much will have to say in the battle for the title.


Of said group only one car will make it to the final (the remaining four will come from the two best classified in each group of the semifinals) and if the Rosberg couple does, the title will be yours immediately. However, if Cristina Gutiérrez and Loeb prevail, they will have to look for victory in the final or a second position that, finally, would allow them to win the title of champions in a contest where it has been seen, more clearly than ever, that everything can happen

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