The third wife found it expensive to visit her husband

Riyadh: It was expensive for the third wife to go to the hospital to see her husband. The husband divorced his third wife in the hospital.

Yes! The shocking incident took place in the Gulf state of Saudi Arabia, where a man made a strange bet on a girl at the time of marriage.

The groom said that the Saudi citizen had stipulated at the time of the third marriage that the marriage would be kept secret and his wife would not tell anything about any marriage nor would the relatives mention it to anyone.

The groom said that the reason for imposing this condition on the citizen was to be already married.

Shortly after the marriage, the husband fell ill and was admitted to the hospital, where the third wife visited the hospital to perform the marital duties so that she could see her husband, but the move cost her dearly.

When the third wife reached the hospital, the first two wives of the husband came to know about the third marriage, as a result of which the husband divorced the third wife in the hospital without hearing or asking.

The citizen took the position that at the time of marriage there was a condition of keeping the marriage a secret which was broken. The third wife is responsible for the divorce.


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