The terrible incident of finding organs of human corpses in bags

Mexico: A terrible incident of mass murder has come to light in the United States, which has shaken the hearts of the viewers.

Police on the outskirts of Jalisco, Mexico, have discovered 45 plastic bags full of human body parts.

In this regard, the foreign news agency According to the report Police say the human remains appear to be the remains of the missing 7 call center employees.

Local authorities in Mexico discovered 45 bags containing human remains in a drain in a street near the western city of Guadalajara. Police say the bodies include both men and women and the total number of dead is not yet known.

According to the report, the local prosecutor said that preliminary investigations showed that the human organs found could be those of some of the seven missing call center employees, as the characteristics of the organs were similar, but after the French tests, A final opinion will be established in this regard.

According to government figures, scores of people have gone missing since 2007, when then-President Felipe Calderon declared a ‘war on drugs’.

Three-quarters of the missing were men and one-fifth were boys under the age of 18 when they went missing.

It should be noted that human trafficking and abductions have become very common in Mexico, 4 American citizens were kidnapped in March and the bodies of two of them were later discovered.


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