Home Sports The super signing of Elche CF after placing Benedetto in Boca Juniors

The super signing of Elche CF after placing Benedetto in Boca Juniors

From the Elche box they are ready for a luxury addition

The Elche CF keep an eye on the market and could find an alternative with the march of Darius Benedetto to Boca Juniors. The Argentine forward does not have minutes with Francisco and for this reason it is that he has valued his departure to a new destination. In turn, he does not want to return to Olympique de Marseille and therefore returning to his country is among his plans.

For the Elche team, it is important to give the attacker an exit since they need space to transfers. There are demarcations that need urgent changes and for this reason they will have to say goodbye to several of their troops who are discarded. This is how they could achieve a key incorporation.

Elche Benedetto
The Argentine would return to Boca Juniors, giving way to Olaza to Elche

With the departure of Benedetto to Boca and Josema to Valladolid, Elche has a top signing

And it is that the domino effect that could occur in Elche CF would begin with the departure of Josema to Valladolid and then of Benedetto to Boca Juniors. There an important quota of extra-community would be released, with which they could make a top transfer. It is about Lucas Olaza, who would have a free way to reach Martínez Valero.

The Uruguayan left-back has been key in clubs such as Celta de Vigo and Real Valladolid itself. His experience in Spain is highly valued and for this reason he would be a first-rate addition for the second part of the season. Now he would have space in the franjiverde team confirming the aforementioned departures.

Lucas Olaza is the one appointed by the sports management of the Martínez Valero team

For now, Josema is well under way and from then on, the changes in Francisco’s team would begin. In turn, Darío Benedetto wants no other destination than Boca Juniors. It was in the Argentine team that he showed his best form, which earned him to go to Europe to Ligue 1.

We will have to wait then for what may happen with the future of Lucas Olaza. It is the priority for the people of Elche as they will be fighting at the bottom of the table. The objective will be none other than to escape the red zone of descent and ensure permanence. For this they need quality players and the Uruguayan is one of them.

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