The star Butler wants in the Miami Heat next season

Pat Riley is working on the next season and already knows who is the star that Jimmy Butler wants in the Miami Heat to compete again for the ring

He has always been a highly respected player in the NBA, but what he is doing Jimmy Butler with Miami Heat in these playoffs it is on another level. The one from Houston has always been an atypical star, as he was selected in a very high position in the Draft, statistics have never mattered to him and he has always had a somewhat particular personality, which has not allowed him to fit into several teams.

However, wherever he has gone, he has raised the competitive level of his team. This was the case with the Philadelphia 76ers and the Minnesota Timberwolves, where he left fond memories. But he hasn’t been so far in Miami Heat where Jimmy Butler has completed his great work. A work that only lacks the ring that escaped in the Bubble.

Butler wants a new star by his side in Miami Heat
Jimmy Butler wants to play alongside Damian Lillard on the Heat

Jimmy Butler, facing his biggest challenge with the Miami Heat

After losing those finals against the Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat was about to return last year, in which they stayed at the gates after falling to the Boston Celtics. Now, they are about to complete their revenge, since they have four games ahead to add the fourth victory that would be final in the series.

In case of achieving it, the Miami Heat would do it with a team full of players who were not selected in their Draft. Players that under Spoelstra’s orders have proven to be more than valid for the NBA. All under the leadership of a Jimmy Butler who is determined to place the first ring of his career on his finger. Something he has been chasing for years.

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The star you want on the Heat next season

End how this season ends, either with the ring or with a new runner-up in the NBA, Jimmy Butler has asked the Miami Heat to try everything to get the transfer of a new star. A star that would significantly raise the level of the team. A star that is available on the market, so getting his transfer is not impossible.

This star is none other than Damian Lillard, who by personality would fit perfectly in the Miami Heat along with Jimmy Butler. To get his transfer, several Draft picks would be necessary. They should also include contracts like those of Duncan Robinson or Tyler Herro. And also to young players who could be interesting for the Portland Trail Blazers to continue their rebuilding, like Jovic.

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