The Argentine Football Association (AFA) presented this Wednesday in its Ezeiza property a commemorative mural to the title of the Copa América in Brazil, with the presence of Lionel Messi and all the footballers concentrated for Thursday’s game against Peru, for the twelfth date of the South American Qualifiers.

“The Champions of America inaugurated today, together with President Claudio Tapia, a beautiful mural alluding to the obtaining of the America’s Cup in Brazil. Go ahead, go ahead!” They wrote from the National Team’s Twitter account.

In the shared images, Lionel Messi was seen signing one of the works, while Ángel Di María posed under his own mural, in which he was observed celebrating the goal against Brazil, which gave the title.

In addition, Emiliano “dra “Martínez had his own, which reflected his celebration in the penalty shootout against Colombia, which gave him the ticket to the definition of the contest to the national team. “What a beautiful mural they made, a pride to be there,” said the goalkeeper on his Instagram.



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