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The situation in Greece is serious due to the terrible fire, the authorities are concerned

According to media reports, a statement issued by the Greek Health Minister said the country was still on fire on Friday, as a result of which hundreds of families from the islands of Avia and Peloponnese in the Ellis province in northern Athens have been evacuated. their homes and are safe. They moved to different places, many houses were destroyed by the terrible fire and thousands of hectares of forests have been reduced to ashes.

A large number of people have been reported burned as a result of the terrible fire and yesterday 44 people were admitted to different hospitals.

Greek official sources said a 38-year-old man was seriously injured when a power pole fell during the shooting, and was taken to a hospital for medical treatment, where he died.

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According to media reports, there are currently horrible fires in 56 locations in different parts of Greece, which has made the situation extremely dangerous.

It should be noted that due to climate change, Greece is facing the most intense heat wave these days. Due to the increase in temperature, forest fires in Greece have caused huge financial losses.

Greece is facing its worst heat wave in 30 years, with temperatures in some parts of Greece reaching 45 degrees Celsius and rising further later this week, the Greek prime minister said in a statement.

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