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The Silence Surrounding Real Zaragoza’s Last Season

Real Zaragoza

The End of the Season and Silence

Real Zaragoza has chosen an unusual approach to conclude their latest season – silence. Unlike previous years where the sports director would hold a press conference to analyze the season and outline plans for the future, this year has been different. The fans, who were already disappointed with the team’s performance, have been left in the dark, with no immediate explanations from the club’s key figures.

Key Figures Remain Silent

In past seasons, figures like Juan Carlos Cordero and his predecessors provided insights and answered questions. This year, neither Cordero nor Jorge Mas, the club’s president, has spoken publicly about the season. Jorge Mas has made only one appearance at La Romareda this year, a significant drop from his three appearances last year. The only communication has come from Raúl Sanllehí, who announced his departure in a letter that avoided making excuses for the season but ended up doing just that.

New Leadership, New Challenges

Fernando Lopez, the new general director, was introduced to the media in an informal event, sharing his initial impressions of the club. He faces considerable challenges ahead, especially with the departure of seven loaned players – Germán Valera, Santiago Mouriño, Víctor Mollejo, Akim Zedadka, Manu Vallejo, Edgar Badia, and Raúl Guti. These departures were anticipated, but the silence surrounding the club’s future plans remains.

Looking Ahead

As the club gears up for the next season, the fan base, which has been met with silence, will be asked for their continued support and understanding. The upcoming subscriber campaign will be crucial, especially with the ongoing works at La Romareda. Real Zaragoza’s leadership needs to break the silence soon to reassure and re-engage their loyal fans.

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